Züfle GmbH

We have been active in the field of gearing technology since 1995.
We represented manufacturers of gear cutting machines, gear testing devices and tools in large parts of Europe and therefore have numerous contacts for your requirements.
Knowledge of all technologies and diameter ranges are a matter of course for us!
We are interested in your needs and offer you interesting solutions for the production of gears, worms, worm gears and bevel gears.
We look at the unusual, the innovative and have visions.

Today, we increasingly trades in modernized and used machines. With more than 18,000 articles from the areas of machine components, tools, accessories, equipment, series and wear parts that can be delivered immediately, we are one of the top industrial component dealers in Germany.
We invite you to view machines and tools in our warehouse in Würzburg, only about 1 hour from Frankfurt Airport.

Contact us for questions by email: info@zuefle.com or Tel. + 49-9334-978608-0.
Please note that in addition to the best machines and tools, service is our most important product.

Dipl.-Ing.Dietmar Zufle


Gear Hob

2254 Products

Spline hob

409 Products

Serration hob

40 Products

Worm gear Hob

70 Products

Cycloid Hob

97 Products

Setting hob

4 Products

Shaft hob

59 Products

Gear shaping tools

Gear milling cutter

Bevel Gear Tools

Shaper cutter MAAG / SUNDERLAND

Profile form cutter

Thread milling cutter